Warm, Cozy, Family and Jesus

All things that come to mind when I think about Christmas. This is my favorite time of the year. I think it has been ever since I became an adult. I remember when I was little my favorite part of Christmas was watching Christmas movies (Rudolph was my favorite) and seeing the decorations on houses as we drove by.

When I was little, Christmas was not something we celebrated often. Not because we didn't believe in the birth of Christ, quite the opposite really. But my father was not one to celebrate any holiday. Honestly I only remember one Christmas in Colorado with my mother, father and my two sister. I think I was about 11 years old at this time. I remember we had a Christmas tree set up in the corner by the phone that hung on the wall of our little house in the mountains. This Christmas my grandparents (on my mothers side) sent us some gifts, so my father allowed us to have a tree and open gifts for the first time that I can remember as a child.

I grew up in a small one room house in the mountains of Colorado with a wood stove for cooking on. Over the years my father built two additional rooms on to our little house in the mountains, and by this time we had three rooms. A kitchen, my parents room and the little one room we moved into. This room was now used as our living room and a bedroom for my sisters and myself. We didn't grow up with much, so I have alwasy had an appreciation for the things I do have.

Since I became an adult I have accumulated a few decorations, and this year I decided to put them ALL up.

We live in a small little apartment right now in Jacksonville Florida. I think the only places I haven't decorated is the boys rooms (not that I didn't want to..but the mess and smell...) And I haven't started my bathroom yet. For me, it isn't about the gifts, it is about the way this season makes me feel. The more Christmas I see around me, the more I feel the love of Christ and what he did for us all. The more warmth I feel, and that means a lot coming from a girl that grew up cold most of December.

Today I photographed the decorations in our home. I have spent countless hours (and pulled one all nighter) but it has been so worth it. The boys love it and so does my husband. This will be one Christmas we will all remember :-)